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London Photo walks

Photography walks and workshops

London photo-walks for all abilities

Fotog are pleased to announce that we will be expanding the number of photography walks in the London area. Please see our website for more details.

Fotog Photography walks, London UK, www.fotog.info

Photo Walks and photography workshops around London

Photography workshops, London UK

Walks and workshops, Photo-walks in London, photographic walks, shoots, book now, photographic workshops, FOTOG is a practising urban and arts photographer. He is also a town planner, and thus has much experience of cities and how they function. FOTOG's London photography celebrates all that makes up the urban environment - buildings, places and spaces, historic settings, people in the street, people at work and people at play, regeneration and community action projects. Peter’s image portfolio can be seen at www.fotog.info. Creative expression should be foremost in all of our lives. It can be expressed in many ways but for me it has found itself in urban and artistic photography. Recording, celebrating and understanding the visual richness that surrounds me is a strong creative driver for my work. Why? Because as a photographer, town planner and geographer I am drawn to the spatial dimension and seek to observe the interactions within it. I work to ensure that my skillset is applied in an integrated and eclectic manner, thus ensuring that my creative work is innovative, enlightened, and forward looking.

My photographic work focuses on a combination of documentary and creative photography, with a strong artistic expression. I seek to not only record what I see around me but also provide a personal perceptive angle on the environmental experience, allowing the viewer to think about the imagery and enjoy it to a deeper level. My work over the last 2 years has gravitated towards a more artistic style. I view the urban scene as a series of infinite still images, which are linked together in an ongoing narrative – a sort of ‘urban movie’. It is the photographer's skill to seek out the best still images from the ‘movie’ and translate them into successful photographs. This image choice process is what Henri Cartier-Bresson called the finding the "decisive moment". In another sense, photographic images are like a ‘memory’ of a given moment in time. Thus, a photograph can evoke ‘memories’ in the viewer that are vivid, powerful and emotionally moving. Photography... I seek to achieve these aspects in my work. I like photography that makes the viewer ‘think outside the image frame’. My work seeks to give a perception of what is occurring beyond the image’s edges, communicating a sense of what is happening in the wider setting. My more recent work has sought to close the gap between urban photography 2D art work and photographic images, and at the same time study issues such as light, reflection, perspective and contrast. This has resulted in works such as ‘StreetPipes’, ‘Sun on Sand’, ‘Sun on Clouds’ and the ‘Reflections on the Lloyds Building’ series. photo-walks and workshops My photography has made me into an improved observer and helped me to better understand the environment around me. Through this influence I am now seeking to apply the theme of ‘learning through photography’ and am becoming involved in photographic education on community projects and in museums. In this way my photography has become a creative, educational and enlightening process that I will continue to pursue.…”

Fotog Photography walks, London UK

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Peter has always been a keen photographer. Since 2008 he has developed his creative skills into a creative urban and arts photography practice, called FOTOG. In this website we use the terms Peter and FOTOG interchangeably. Peter is a Chartered Town Planner and Geographer who has over the last 24 years operated two planning consultancies. The observation skills learnt in his planning work has contributed to him becoming an urban photographer. As you will witness in this website, FOTOG photographically looks at the urban environment in an artistic manner – buildings, places and spaces, streets and thoroughfares, and the multitude of activities that occur in the modern city. It is Peter's aim to provide a new perceptive angle and understanding of urban life.We hope that you enjoy the broad range of images on this website. Please CONTACT US if you want more information on how we work or if you have any interesting photo-project ideas.


Peter has an artistic philosophy that he expresses through FOTOG. The text below represents his Creative Statement: Creative expression should be foremost in all of our lives. We can express this in many ways but for me it has found itself in photography. Recording, celebrating and understanding all the visual richness that surrounds us is a strong creative driver for me. “I focus less on documentary photography and more on artistic expression through the camera. I seek not only to record what I see around me but to provide a new perceptive angle, allowing the viewer to think about the image and to enjoy it at a deeper level. As a result, my work is gravitating towards a more artistic style of urban photography. I view the urban scene as a series of infinite still images, which are linked together in an ongoing narrative – a sort of ‘urban movie’. It is the photographer's skill to seek out the best still images from the ‘movie’ and translate them into successful creative photographs. This image choice process is what Henri Cartier-Bresson called the "decisive moment". I like photography that makes the viewer ‘think outside the frame’. Not only should a strong image give a perception of what is occurring outside and beyond the image, but it should also give an understanding of what is happening in the urban setting – the activity, the movement, the smells and sounds... and a sense of happening. "My experience with photography has made me a better observer and more capable of appreciating and understanding everything I look at. In that context, I have developed the theme of ‘Learning through Photography’ and have become involved in photographic education. I hope to take my work to a higher and higher creative level...”


Since 2008 Peter has exhibited his work at many photography exhibitions. These have included East Finchley Open Houses, various open exhibitions in London, the Vitrine Gallery in central London and Photomonth (2010). His exhibition experience continues to grow and he sees them as an opportunity to showcase his work. In 2009 Peter's work - Money & Body (see abstract section) - was placed in the British Museum's Coin & Money collection archives. Since that time, his work has broadened to include two public art projects (in Brentford and Hackney), curating a major exhibition for Thames Discovery, working for a charity called Act for Change (photography with at risk children to boost self esteem) and working with various museums on workshops and photo-walks.


Peter's move into urban and arts photography was driven by a desire to work in the museum sector. He has long been attracted to working with museums, on outreach and learning programmes that encourage personal growth and creative expression. Urban photography can be used in outreach programmes where the museum is looking at projects in its local catchment. Photography can be an effective way of learning whilst enjoying, resulting in a solid embedding of the learning content. It can also make collections more visible. To this end, we have developed resources that can be used with photography, notably magnetic image boards and photo-jigsaws. We do hope that you will CONTACT US if you are designing future outreach/learning programmes (esp. if they are heritage related) and require advice on what photography can do for your museum.


Peter's broad skillset has allowed him to give photo-walks and workshops to early stage photographers, with his theme of 'Learning through photography' in mind. Walks & workshops are aimed at encouraging an understanding of the world around us and focus on creative expression. Our walks contain interesting content, including al fresco workshops and mini-photo projects, and can go right through to 'digital darkroom' sessions. We do hope that you will CONTACT US to discuss the possibility of us running a programme of walks and workshops for you.


We are able to undertake a broad range of commercial work that relates to all things urban, heritage, buildings, architectural,events, festivals etc etc etc. Please contact us if you have brief that requires commissioning advice. We will then advise on the best possible photographic programme and quote for the work.


OUR PORTFOLIO. Our Image Library is growing all the time and you can see examples from it on this website. The Library is presented as a number of Galleries with subject themes, as can be seen on the drop down list in the GALLERY SECTION. The images cover a wide range of urban and artistic subjects. We hope that you can find visual material in the Library that relates to your current project requirements. PURCHASING PRINTS The images you see on this website can be provided as limited edition prints. A wide range of sizes can be provided, framed or unframed, on a wide choice of fine art paper and other media. We can print on canvas, aluminium, glass and acrylic, plus a broad choice of high quality fine art paper. These papers produce beautiful photographic results, with textured, satin and gloss finishes, including Giclée printing.Limited edition prints can be sized to the client’s choice. Print media choice really depends on the photographic subject and whether it is colour or black & white. We will of course advise you at every stage, so that you receive the best possible creative output. If you like an image in the gallery, please CONTACT US to ascertain whether it is currently for sale. We can then discuss your print requirements and provide a quote for the required print(s).



You will see in our Photo-Galleries that we cover a wide range of urban related work – from buildings and street photography, to street markets, dodgems, cemeteries and trees!!! This breadth has raised a whole host of project opportunities for FOTOG. If you are interested is using our photographic skills on your project then we do hope that you will give us an opportunity to look at the working brief, advise on its content and quote for the work. If the work involved is educational, then we can help with an initial course/session plan.Peter will have a discussion with you on how to best organise matters so that you get the best possible creative photographic output. We pride ourselves in having a very close association with our clients – this is something that has stretched back over the 24 years that Peter Kyte has been operating his town planning consultancy, so we hope that you will CONTACT US for further information.

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